3D Booth



Required Assets for your 3D Booth

2 Featured Vertical Booth Images

250 x 500 px (JPG or PNG)

1 Featured Horizontal Booth Image

600 x 300 px (JPG or PNG)

1 Sponsor Logo Image

180 X 100 px (JPG or PNG)

A Link or Blurb for up to 4 Buttons*

You cannot chage the name of buttons. Please provide an external URL (ex- Youtube or your website) or a short text blurb.

* Upon click, a “Contact Us” button will display a representative’s contact info (with the email address as a hyperlink). Please provide contact info you would like to share (i.e. name, title, email, phone).

*Upon click, a “Live Chat” button will display the details of a face-to-face meeting you have scheduled. Please schedule your own meeting through Zoom, WebEx, Teams (or platform of your choice) and provide us with the following information:

  • the Date/Time(s) you are available to chat (cooresponding to the event’s breaks)
  • Meeting Link
  • Meeting Password/ID if applicable.

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See first-hand how your booth will work


Please click on the booth buttons below to see your your booth will work. Your booth will look just like this, except your 4 image assets will be on the booth in place of the image dimensions.

3D Booth for Sponsor Asset Submission Page
Button Hotspot Button Hotspot Button Hotspot Button Hostpot

Button Hotspot

This Button Hotspot can link to an external URL or a short "About Us" blurb. Please provide a URL or short blurb.

Button Hotspot

This Button Hotspot can link to the Exhibitor's external website. Please provide a URL.

Button Hotspot

This Button Hotspot can link to an external meeting URL. Please provide relevant meeting details (date, time, password if applicable. Exhibitors are responsible for setting up their own Live Chat meetings through their preferred meeting platform (Zoom, Teams, etc).

Button Hostpot

This Button Hotspot can link to an external URL with Exhibitor Resources.


    1. Company & Contact Info

    2. Booth Images Upload

    3. Booth Button Selection and Population

    4. Additional Notes (Optional)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my booth images/ logo link out?

    No- only the four buttons can link to an external URL or short text blurb. Booth images are not clickable.

    Do I have to use all four booth images?

    The 60 0x 300 space is required. The two Vertical Booth Images can be removed and the Logo Image can be filled with neutral gray color. Please simply skip Step #3 (image Upload) for any Booth images you do not wish to use.

    Can I include as much text as I wish for a button’s text blurb?

    Please limit your blurbs to a maximum of 50 words.

    Do I have to use all four buttons?

    No- you can use any, none or all of the four pre-determined button options. If you do ot wish to include one or more of the buttons, simply omit that button from your asset submission form.