How We Build Your Custom Exhibit Hall


Plan & Sketch

We’ll have an initial conversation about the style of Hall that you are going for, planning out general booth shapes and visual hierarchy.


Royal Blue


Medium Blue




Dark Blue


Pulling Colors From Existing Brand & Identity

Your Exhibit Hall should fit your Event. After the initial design is discussed, we will visit your site or other branded outputs to identify your Brand colors to prepare them for use in your Hall.


Digital Refinement

We will mock up your Virtual Exhibit Hall in a digital format so you can see how it will present to Sponsor and Attendees. We will also discuss the most effective ways to incorporate engaging rich media elements like animations into your Hall.


Final Build of Virtual Map

Once we have a proof of concept that matches your specifications and vision for your Virtual Exhibit Hall, we will build it using the latest interactive web technologies. The result will have that “Wow” factor you are looking for to elevate your Virtual Event.

Get In Touch

If you have a Virtual Event coming up, we’d love to chat about how we can help provide a rich Online Exhibit Hall experience that will delight attendees and provide added value to your Sponsors.

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