Your Virtual Activites Deserve an Experienced Support Team.

Our expert Online Event Management delivers exceptional results.

Technical Requirements: Exceeded

Our service includes all of the equipment and hardware needed, correct bandwidth, Zoom software, internet redundancy, two technicians, customer technical support and help desk

Planning and training

We know that in any Live Event preparedness is key- that’s why we provide pre-webinar planning, coordination of speakers’ Powerpoint slides and two 15-30 minute training sessions for faculty

Customized to Your Event

Every Program is different, and our services reflect this with the flexibility to adapt our services to fit your needs and ensure a successful Virtual Event

Breakout and Workshop Sessions Also Available

Our base cost will cover up to 500 users (this figure includes Faculty, who are counted as users)

Concierge Style Workflow

We’re with you from the earliest pre-planning stage to the Conference post-mortem. No gaps in our service or attention to detail

Live & On-Demand

All faculty may pre-record narrated Powerpoint and then participate in panel discussions live, via Zoom Webinar or present live 

Everything You Need


– Assist CME Office with pre-webinar materials (sample letters, narration recording instructions, best practices guidance) prior to the webinar.

– Set up Dropbox and provide link for speakers to upload headshot and narrated Powerpoint presentation

– Share this Dropbox link with CME Office for their review of these narrated Powerpoint presentations. After content review and approval by CME Office, each narrated Powerpoint will be reviewed by Tullyvision for technical clearance, clean audio, slide timings and transitions, etc.



– Review, organize and coordinate all other media assets to be used throughout the conference (announcement slides, videos, “live” segments)

– Communicate with all parties submitting media to confirm receipt

– Set up webinar with proper settings and software specifications

– Incorporate CME Office logos into Zoom invitations

– Set up invitation links for the webinar and provide CME Office with those links for distribution.

– Invite faculty via the faculty link

Rehearsal and Day of Event

We’ll make sure your Event runs smoothly. Before and after your Conference, we will:

  • Coordinate with CME Office to set up two-15 minute virtual technical rehearsal sessions
  • Distribute invitation links and facilitate the two 15-minute technical rehearsals
  • Create title Powerpoint slide for each speaker and panel session, using conference Powerpoint master template and speakers’ headshots
  • Develop a running script noting what will appear on the webinar screen at all times and who will be speaking for the conference.
  • This script will be distributed to hosts and co-hosts


  • Coordinate all pre-narrated Powerpoints, announcement slides and any other media assets to be used during the conference
  • Monitor registration confirmation process of attendees
  • Provide customer technical support via phone for attendees
  • Begin conference webinar 30 minutes prior to first lecture each day (showing announcement and playing music), to allow attendees to log in.
  • Monitor faculty checking in at requested call time
  • Run all technical, audio and visual aspects of the conference
  • Record all plenary sessions for use post-conference
  • Deliver recorded media files post conference



Some of Our Clients Include

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Temple University school of medicine

Lancaster General Health

Nemours DuPont

Wilmer Eye Institute

Audio Digest foundation

Rothman Institute

Temple Health



Our affordable, customized pricing starts at $850. You can build your own package of services!